About Wanderin' Man

“The journey begins”.. as goes the saying and I quote.. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

The spirit of the wanderin’ man lies within all of us and it was this spirit that brought together the like-minded people on a trip to Buran Ghati in 2022.

The experience of this trek instilled a profound longing and deep connection with nature for the group and an initial idea was conceived on how this experience could be made accessible and affordable for the rest of the world.

The next few months was followed by constant debates, discussions and experience sharing, to build up on this idea to bring together the core elements of a trekker, a mountaineer and an expeditionist with a strong focus on safety and providing the right experience. Eventually, the final picture of “The Wanderin’ Man” began to appear.

It is not just a company, it is the means to re-connect to nature, experience the exhilaration and thrill of an adventure by embracing the spirit of wanderlust.

Our Founders

Wakeel Ahmed


A go getter, An explorer

The desire to overcome new obstacles and the ambition to scale new heights has been the driving force behind my success as a national level mountaineer and expeditionist. So a career in the field of trekking, skiing and mountaineering was always my calling. The thrill and adrenaline rush that it gives has no parallel for me. However as they say " With great power comes greater responsibility "

So the passion of expedition has also given me a responsibility. The responsibility of caring, guiding new trekkers, Skier/mountaineers who share the same interest as me. It is indeed a privilege for me to have acted in the capacity of Head - expedition and training in my previous company.

In the same capacity, I have also organized skiing workshops and competitions for the participants. Now moving on to a bigger role as a founding member, I intend to carry the same ethics forward.

Gulam Jeelani


A hustler and a mountain shepherd

The mountains became my calling from the early days of college. It all started with a 32 km run to qualify for Hiking Club in my college, and I haven’t looked back since then.

After completing my basic and advanced mountaineering courses, I joined a Gurugram-based adventure sports startup that I helped build from the ground up. I took on various challenging roles on and off the field to nurture my leadership skills. I climbed the ladder of success to become Head of the Operations Division and Emergency Evacuation Program.

After 15 years, 100 treks, and countless lessons from the wise mountains, I decided to start The Wanderin’ Man with my friend and business partner. I believe there is no mountain too high to climb as long as you act safely and wisely. Hence, our motto is simple - to create a perfect harmony of adventure, safety, and sustainability. No cheap thrills!

At The Wanderin’ Man, we strive for nothing but the best!

Core Business Team Designation
Saif Rehman BDC
Amit Kumar Gupta BDM
Operations & Management
Anil Jo Thomas CRM Head